New Year’s Eve 2020

$100 per person

Wine pairing available at $31 per person (five different wines).

No substitutions.

  1. Foie gras parfait with raspberry compote and house made sour dough toast.
  2. Saffron and fiddlehead cream soup with pickled green beans
  3. Lobster ravioli, crabmeat tarragon cream, charred corn and marinated red pepper.
  4. Crispy roasted quail with wild rice and porcini mushroom pilau, julienned ginger carrots
  5. Grass-fed beef ribeye, jalapeno potato rosti, miso seared scallop, romaine lettuce with steak sauce vinaigrette.
  6. Fennel, radicchio, shaved parmigiana reggiano and pomegranate jelly “croutons” with grapefruit vinaigrette
  7. Chocolate tart, berries macerated in champagne, Chantilly cream