Chef’s Note

Chef’s Note

I love food. ALL FOOD. I’ve never looked at it as simply being fuel for the body. It is so much more. Food is pleasure. Food is entertainment. Food is fun. It should be enjoyed and celebrated.. That’s why we operate the restaurant – to explore our passion and to present food that may test our preconceptions and expand our understanding of culinary possibilities.

As the name of our restaurant implies, we offer a chef’s table each night. That means, as a chef I get to imagine, prepare and serve a seven course dinner that I believe diners will enjoy and be entertained by. All the while within comfortable and cozy surroundings. At Beaujena’s we want your dining experience to be fun. Like a dinner party at a friend’s home.

With that said, nothing saddens me more than the politicization of food because those who politicize it are most often the ones who have the least amount of knowledge regarding its production. At Beaujena’s we work closely with local Manitoba farmers who employ sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices and treat their animals ethically and with respect.

Every month I create a new and innovative menu, influenced by French culinary techniques and specifically designed to pair with a course of five different wines that will compliment the flavours.

When a guest asks that we alter the menu to accommodate a dislike or politically based food restriction they are asking me to “dumb down” my vision. Would you go to a Rolling Stones concert and ask them to substitute their hit songs for songs by The Beatles?

So please don’t present me with a laundry list of dislikes and forbidden foods. In doing so, you are asking me to compromise the integrity of the menu and the entire restaurant concept which is to provide a dining experience during which you may enjoy what I have created. We are not Wendys. We don’t do it your way.

I appreciate that people have allergies and I never take them lightly as they can be life threatening. My kitchen is small, however, and as much as I may try, I cannot give a 100% guarantee that some small measure of cross-contamination won’t occur.

In summary, we do what we do and we’re confident that with an open mind you will have a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.